Call Display Screen Saver

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fonXL Call Display Screen Saver

The telephone was invented in 1875. Imagine how many calls have been missed since then! Celebrate the New Millennium by downloading our screen saver, one of the first made in 2001, the true start of the new century.

Download and use version 1.0.2 for free.

There are screen savers a plenty to choose from but what do they actually do? Not a lot except to look pretty. Here's a screen saver that serves a useful purpose as well!

This clever little application turns your computer into a call display unit. Customize it with your favorite background image. You can also choose to have it play a sound when a call comes in. The number display window can de dragged to any part of your desktop.
 Quick Fact: What is Call Display 
Call Display is a telephone company service. It provides the identification information of persons calling your telephone number. The Call Display information is supplied by the telephone company between the first and second ring as a series of special codes. The information includes the time and date of the call, the telephone number of the caller, and, in some areas, even caller's name.

fonXL Call Display Screen Saver uses this Call Display information to provide with detailed information on your incoming calls. Without Call Display from your telephone company the screen saver cannot determine the telephone number of incoming calls.


Review by Free Downloads Central:

However well we think of the Internet, most businesses depend on phone calls - clients usually phone rather than write before they come and purchase your product or your service. How many calls have you missed this year, going out to lunch, having a coffee break and suchlike? fonXL Screen Saver won't let you miss a single call.

fonXL Screen Saver is not just a screensaver: it works along with your modem to track phone calls and turns your computer into a personal call display unit. The program handles phone calls why you're away, reminds you of important calls and returns missed calls. It can also display the name and phone number of the caller if you have CallerID compatible modem and have subscribed to Call Display service, available in North America and some other countries.

This handy utility will boost up your business just by getting the most of the calls you already receive. Download it today and see that for yourself.


The Call Display Screen Saver* displays:
  • caller's name - if connected to the Internet you can click on the caller's name and be redirected to for more information. (currently works for US and Canada phone numbers only!)
  • caller's phone number - to return the call click on the number - a pop-up window appears with the number dialed - once the number is dialed you should click on the release button to complete the call.
  • the time the call was received
  • current time

Scroll through the list of callers by left-clicking on anywhere on the screen - the number will display for 4 seconds and then move to the next one. Right-click to scroll back. The Left/Right arrows also perform the same function.

Click on "X" or the Esc key to exit the screensaver

* Requires caller I.D. service from your telephone company.

System/Hardware Requirements

  • IBM-compatible personal computer with Pentium or higher processor.
  • Windows 2000, Windows 98/98SE or Windows ME (it won't work under Windows 95 or Windows NT!).
  • Caller ID capable voice modem connected to your telephone line.
  • Caller ID service from your telephone company.
  • Internet connection.

Download it for free now!

Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Display PLUS service. If you subscribe to Call Display PLUS, you have the option of blocking anonymous calls. Just dial *77 and your telephone will not ring for anonymous calls. You can de-activate this service at any time by pressing *87.