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Modem Connection for Recording Conversations

Set up your modem connection to get the most from Call Corder or Advanced Call Center.

There are generally two different setups you may use to connect your modem to the phone line: 'parallel' and 'pass-through' connection.

Modem manufacturers usually recommend that you plug your phone handset into the modem's 'Phone' socket that can usually be found on the back of a modem.

Pass-through connection allows the modem to detect whether or not a handset is off-hook

This setup allows your modem to 'see' that a handset is lifted, and, if supported by its internal hardware, tell Call Corder or Advanced Call Center that somebody picked up the line. Then, Call Corder or Advanced Call Center could start recording a conversation automatically.

However, most modems do not support automatic detection of handset position anyway. They will not trigger the recording no matter which way you set it up. Even more, they can eventually block the remote party's voice from being recorded, which will cause Call Corder or Advanced Call Center to only record one side of the conversation. If this is the case, it is advised that you connect your modem and your telephone directly into the wall telephone jack. You may find it convenient to use a regular phone splitter (1-to-2) that can be purchased in RadioShack for a few dollars.

Parallel connection is probably the best setup for call recording

In most cases, we recommend using this method of connecting your phone and modem as it gives best call recording results.

Turn your PC into a phone answering center! There are many "star" commands available for your convenience. Before you can activate and de-activate certain Personal Call Management Services, such as Call Forwarding, Call Screen and Call Waiting, you must first subscribe to them.