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Hetman Partition Recovery - undelete files and recover partitions

With the abundance of data recovery products on the market, it’s difficult to pick one that actually delivers the performance advertised. Hetman Partition Recovery is one of those tools that perform up to their promises.

First thing first. Despite the somewhat misleading name, the tool does not actually fix broken disks or partitions. Instead, the developers concentrated their efforts on recovering user’s data including documents, pictures, archives, emails, videos, music, other files and folders. The “Partition” bit in the name points to the fact that the tool can actually retrieve those files and folders from badly damaged disks, corrupted partitions and formatted volumes. And, while it would probably be overkill, Hetman Partition Recovery can be used to simply undelete files such as those deleted bypassing the Recycle Bin or removed from said bin.

Hetman Partition Recovery features one of the most advanced data recovery techniques available. A proprietary implementation of signature search makes the tool scan the entire surface of the hard disk (or read the entire SSD drive, memory card etc.), matching information it reads from the disk against a comprehensive database of recognizable file formats. If raw data read from the disk resembles the beginning of a supported file type (such as an office document, spreadsheet, picture, video etc.; more than 250 formats and counting), Hetman Partition Recovery will analyze the file header and other available information in order to calculate the length of the file. Based on that information, Hetman Partition Recovery can reliably identify many types of files even if the disk is badly damaged, repartitioned, formatted or even completely inaccessible as a drive letter.

Interested? Try the demo version of this file recovery software for free! Download Hetman Partition Recovery from and recover deleted files from hard drives, flash drives and memory cards.

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